Oil-and-gas geology

Ingeocom solves different geological tasks related to hydrocarbon deposits exploration:

  • geological mapping of key horizons and large velocity contrast reflecting boundaries, study of low-velocity layer, forecast of lithological structure, specifying of tectonic elements;
  • oil-and-gas content estimation of region basing on the study of country rock physical properties changes caused by the hydrocarbon accumulation secondary impact;
  • study of active fracture zones;
  • revealing of oil and gas reservoirs genetic nature;
  • study of secondary changes in reservoirs properties during fields operation;
  • research into unconventional oil and gas reservoir located in basement and sedimentary cover rocks;
  • research of hydrothermal lithogenesis in the areas of ancient, young and contemporary terrestrial volcanism.

These issues are to be studied by means of such geophysical methods as electrical exploration and prospecting seismology. Lithological, mineralogical and geochemical examinations are carried out with the help of X-ray diffraction, chemical (microelement), roentgen-fluorescent, petrophysical and mineralogical analyses.