Geodesic engineering surveys

Geodesic engineering surveys are the complex of works targeted at acquisition of topographic and geodesic information about proposed site: its terrain, location of buildings, structures and communication (including surface and underground ones), and another planning elements which are necessary for comprehensive estimation of natural and technogenic conditions.

Geodesic surveys are the first stage of engineering surveys. They precede geological, geophysical and other investigations.

Geodesic engineering surveys are regulated by construction code SNiP 11-02-96 («Engineering Surveys for Construction. The Fundamentals») and SP 11-104-97 («Geodesic Engineering Surveys for Construction»).

Ingeocom performs geodesic surveys for linear and area objects both at the stage of design and during building and operating.

When designing facilities we carry out:

  • creation and development of geodetic networks;
  • topographic mapping;
  • drawing maps and getting geodesic data necessary for performing another surveys;
  • static surveillance for building and structure foundations , earth surface and rock mass deformations in the areas of dangerous natural and technogenic processes spreading;
  • drawing and renovation of topographical plans.

When designing linear facilities we carry out:

  • field and in-office routing and preliminary probable route selection for further surveying and investigations;
  • geodetic survey of real rails and motor roads, main pipelines, oil- and gas-pipelines;
  • coordination of building main elements and outward measure.

When constructing we carry out:

  • detection of construction design position;
  • geodesic staking and affixment works in the process of construction in compliance with detail documentation (putting mark points on location);
  • verification survey.